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If you or anyone you know is having difficulties as a result of sexting, social media or sexual violence, help is available.

Sexual violence is a gender based crime, which means your gender contributes to your risk, women are the victims in most cases. 


However sexual violence and digital abuse can be experienced by anyone and there are a range of services available to help. 


Click here for a list of services.

Using the #WhatDoYouExpect hashtag share with us your ideas about your rights and expectations when using technology to explore sexuality.


Book a workshop

Gold Coast Centre 


Sexual Violence:

Gold Coast Centre Against Sexual Violence inc. 

A FREE support and counselling service for women and young women who have experienced sexual violence at any time in their lives. Confidential counselling is available to talk about how you feel, you dont have to talk about what happened.

What is counselling?

In counselling you decide what you want to talk about and what you are comfortable sharing. Counselling is about how you are feeling and the effects on your life- you do NOT have to talk about the details of what happened.

Counselling is confidential- the only time a counsellor will not keep what you have shared private is if information is required by a court of law or if someone's safety is at risk.

Why would I go there?

  • To talk to someone about how you feel after an experience of sexual violence​

  • Because your experience is affecting your life in some way/s, such as: feeling depressed, confused, overwhelmed or angry, blaming yourself, relationship problems, difficulty concentrating at school, problems sleeping and/or nightmares and using alcohol or drugs as a way to cope with your feelings

  • To support a friend, or to find out how to support a friend, who has experienced sexual violence

  • If you can't get to our Southport office, a counsellor can see you at your school, youth service or local community centre.

We offer a range of talks and workshops for young people, families and professionals: examining ethics, media literacy, consent, coercion and communciation. If your school, community group or organisation would like to book a workshop, contact the centre.


Spread the word

Contact GCCASV to access information and resources so you can spread the word and become a peer leader in your community. Be the change you want to see, challenge gender norms, sexual expectations and create a new reality. Don't forget to tell your friends about this site.

What else does GCCASV do?

  • Provides support if you decide to report to the police, or if your case goes to court

  • A range of groups (eg. self defense and self esteem)

  • Community or school based Young Women's Strength Health and Empowerment (S.H.E.) Groups

  • Devlops lots of resources that you can check out online

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